Guidance For the New Layout of a Shared Children's Bedroom to Maximise Space

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When you have two kids in the house who will share their bedroom, there are a few factors to take into consideration that wouldn't necessarily need to if you were only using it for a single child. Even if you children share lots of the same things, you will need additional bedroom storage, for example. Younger kids can find sharing their bedroom is reassuring, especially if they happen to be close siblings. Of course, as children get older growing space is even more important. Therefore, it is crucial to get the layout of the room right in the first place to get the most out of the available space.

Increase Storage Capacity

Conventional bedroom storage solutions, such as wardrobes, are a good way of improving the amount of room you will have your kids' toys, clothes and other belongings. Go for a modular system, which means that you get a combination of rail hanging space, drawers and cupboards.

Fitted wardrobes are a very good way of maximising the available space because they can be built into any recesses the room may have. They can also be fitted from floor to ceiling, which means that they offer the optimal amount of room for overhead storage.

Another good idea is to use under-bed storage. Bedsteads are better than other sorts of beds because you slide low-level storage tubs beneath them. These days, more and more kids' beds have sliding drawers integrated into them, as well, so these are worth checking out if you are re-configuring the room with new furniture. 

High Beds and Bunk Beds

Kids often like the idea of bunk beds but are less keen to occupy them at night if they don't feel confident sleeping in them. Go for bunk beds with a high safety board or rail that offers reassurance of not allowing them to fall out. Bunk beds can double the amount of floor space you will have in the bedroom compared with two singles. Another option worth weighing up is purchasing high beds. These will offer a desk area and a small cupboard beneath them that can be very useful in shared rooms with limited space.

Sliding and Bi-Folding Doors

Internal and wardrobe doors need the space in front of them to be clear so that you can gain access. This is not the case with bi-folding doors which have an additional hinge in the middle. Along with sliding doors, this type of door will allow you to use every inch of floor space in your children's room.