Buying and Design Tips to Maximize the Functionality of Your Commercial Awning

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Businesses today are facing fierce competition, and you have to use every possible trick in the book to make your premises visually appealing to your customers. One of the ways to achieve this is by using an awning on your storefront. Awnings not only shield your business front space from the scorching sun, rain and snow, but they can also be used to market your brand. How do you make this happen? How do you transform a commercial awning into more than just a shelter against the harsh weather? Here are some tips to have in mind as you buy and design your awning.

Customize With Your Logo

An awning can be used to tell potential clients more about your business, brand or product. Do you have a logo or signature colours or imagery that is unique to your brand? If so, why don't you add them to the Luraflex awning? Just like a banner, an awning will be seen from a distance by approaching clients and passersby. Don't just go for random colours and designs that have nothing to do your business. Ask your manufacturer to customize it with imagery and text that passes a message concerning your brand. Keep it simple and memorable. When using written word, go for a professional font that is legible from a distance.

Go for a Large Awning

When you decide to get an awning for your business, don't be mean with the size. A small awning that only covers a few inches outside your premises may not do much to draw clients to your business. Remember, when it rains, people run to such shelters to get covering. Take advantage of this and install a large awning that has adequate space inside. As potential clients hide from the rain, they may look around and decide to pop into your business. If you run an eatery, they may want to come in for a hot mug of latte and a slice of cake. Going large with your awning can be an excellent way to attract people to your facility.

Quality Matters

Most commercial facilities install fixed awnings that cannot be retracted. They have to endure the scorching sun during the summer and the storms, snow and rains during the cold season. You need an awning that can withstand the elements without losing visual appeal within a few months of installation. This will also save you from continually replacing the structure. Therefore, go for a long-lasting and sturdy material that's meant for commercial use. Some of the best options are metal, acrylic and vinyl awnings.

Follow these tips when buying a commercial awning so that you can maximize its functionality and use it as an advertising feature for your business.