4 Reasons To Use Vertical Blinds Instead Of Curtains For Sliding Doors

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Sliding glass doors are a great way to bring natural light flooding into your property, enjoy uninterrupted views and provide quick and easy access to outdoor spaces. Of course, you'll generally want some kind of covering to provide privacy and block out light when necessary, and that usually means choosing between vertical blinds or curtains.

Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, but most homeowners will find that vertical blinds are a better fit for sliding glass doors, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Lower Cost

People often underestimate the cost of covering sliding glass doors. Given the amount of space that needs to be covered, you can often end up spending more than you expected. However, one way to control costs is by opting for vertical blinds instead of curtains. Blinds require less material and are much faster to size and install, so you'll save on both the blinds themselves and the labour needed to fit them. You can also choose from a wide range of materials to adjust the final price around your budget.

2. Superior Light Control

The main advantage vertical blinds have over curtains is that they offer far more flexible light control. While curtains can only be drawn or open, vertical blinds can be minutely adjusted to bring in as much light as you like. That's ideal when you want to have some natural light while still maintaining your privacy. This is particularly important when you're covering sliding glass doors since they provide such an open view of your property.

3. Easier to Clean

Coverings used for sliding glass doors are generally going to attract more dust and dirt than others since their whole length can be exposed to outside air. Additionally, people will be more likely to track in dirt and dust as they move between inside and outside. Blinds cope relatively well since they are so easy to clean. Since they often have relatively hard and slick surfaces, you simply need to brush them down with a cloth every now and then. Curtains are much trickier since they tend to trap dust, dirt and moisture and often need to be properly laundered rather than just wiped clean.

4. Ideal for Limited Space

Curtains are much thicker than vertical blinds, so they aren't great when used for tighter spaces. This means that curtains often appear bulky and unattractive when drawn away from sliding glass doors. In contrast, vertical blinds have a very small footprint when they are drawn, so they'll be practically unnoticeable when you don't need to cover your glass doors.

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