Tips to Choosing the Right Covers for Maximum Protection of Your Modular Lounges in Winter

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Summer time offers the best moments for families and friends because they can venture outside, bask in the sun, and have a good time. Having modular lounges in your garden will make the experience even better because of the comfort they provide. Additionally, modular lounges are stylish and can accommodate many people since they have more length and width.

However, during winter season, your sofas will be exposed to environmental elements, which will most likely damage them. Therefore, in order to maintain elegance and longevity, you need to protect your lounge appropriately. In this regard, the following are pointers to follow when looking for protective material for your modular lounges.

Fitting Covers — Covers are very important when it comes to storage of modular lounges. As winter approaches, you would want to keep the couches in a safe place such as the garage. However, that alone will not be adequate in offering full protection. For instance, you will need modular covers to ensure that the lounges are protected from dust and mould. Moreover, since modular sofas are big, you should ensure that each module has its cover to avoid wrapping one big cover over every piece, which is ineffective. Therefore, when shopping for modular covers, try to achieve the best fit so that every part of your sofa is covered.

Fastening Features — Aside from fitting well, the protective material you choose should have some form of fastening features such as eyelets to enable you secure the cover firmly once you have covered the furniture. Eyelets help prevent the cover from being blown away, especially in the event that there are strong winds blowing into your storage area. However, if you are not lucky enough to find covers with fasteners, you can improvise and use bricks or something heavy enough to hold the covers down in place. This technique is rudimentary, but effective nonetheless.

Waterproof Covers — While most modular lounges are made from durable and waterproof material, you still need to protect them from moisture, especially during winter. For example, during winter, water droplets that settle on the sofas take time to dry off due to the low temperatures. Additionally, since your modular lounges will be in storage at this time, they will be out of reach for regular cleaning. Therefore, waterproof covers will keep your modular lounges free of moisture, consequently preventing the growth of mold and fungi.