Answering Your Questions About A Split System Air Conditioner

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A split system air conditioner can be a good choice in your home, especially for a smaller home or for when you want separate air conditioning systems in different areas of the home. For example, you may prefer a system for the upstairs bedrooms that is separate from the system that cools the first floor, so you don't waste money cooling the entire home when only a small part of the space is occupied. A split system is also good for structures with no ductwork, such as a garage, shed, barn, and other such outbuildings. Note a few questions you might have about a split system unit so you know if it's the right choice for your home:

Is a split system powerful enough for the entire home?

A split system unit is not meant to cool an entire home but will work to cool a certain area. This is because the system is not connected to the home's ductwork, as mentioned; cool air comes through a front panel instead. The power of the fan and size of the compressor of the unit will determine the overall square footage or square meters it will cool.

Also, keep in mind the layout of your home; if you have a lot of walls that divide a living room, dining room, and other such areas, those walls will block the flow of cool air coming from a split system unit. In these cases, you may need to get more than one unit to provide enough cooling for an entire space.

What about drips and other such damage from the system?

A split system unit will need to be vented through an exterior wall, which means a hose or tube will be run from the compressor through the home's frame. This hose is fully contained and shouldn't have problems with dripping and water leaks.

However, as with all parts of your home, you will need to have this hose or tube inspected and replaced as needed; the manufacturer should note the expected lifespan of your unit's vent hose. Have that hose or tube replaced when necessary, to avoid any potential damage to your home.

Does it need covering in the winter?

While a split system may resemble a window air conditioner, it doesn't have a compressor that is open to the outside of your home. That open compressor is why a window unit needs covering or removal during wintertime, but a split system shouldn't need covering or any other preparation for the winter months.

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