Creative and Useful Ways to Use LED Strip Lights

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LED lighting has long been used in electronic gadgets, providing a way to indicate various functions and signal whether a device is powered or not. But as LEDs have become brighter and more powerful, they've also become more useful as a source of light.

The increased popularity of LED lighting stems from its many benefits, the most well-known of which is their low energy consumption. This makes them environmentally friendly and can cut down your energy bills. But LEDs are also incredibly versatile, thanks to their small size and simple electronics. They can be used in simple strip lighting in a variety of interesting and useful ways; here are just some of them.

Extra kitchen lighting

One of the most popular places to use LED strip lights is the kitchen. They can be installed neatly underneath cabinets, out of sight to create a soft, aesthetically-pleasing effect. This gives you an extra bit of brightness while cooking, and can be used on its own without the main lights for a gentle bit of illumination during those late-night snack trips.

Of course, underneath cupboards is not the only place you can fit these lights. They can also go inside cupboards to help you find what you're looking for, or simply around the edge of the ceiling.

Making art stand out

Placing some LED lighting around the edge of a frame really makes its contents pop. It can also be fitted inside an alcove containing a work of art, bringing it to life and helping to illuminate it. And don't forget glass cabinets containing ornaments and sculptures.

Illuminating a wardrobe

Wardrobes are usually pretty dark, which can make it difficult to find the clothes you're looking for. Fixing some LED lighting strips inside makes the process a lot easier, and it can help you assess your outfit if you put it around a mirror, too.

Creating extra ambience

Some LED lighting strips come with a controller that lets you adjust the colours. This is excellent for creating atmosphere in any room. Put it around a headboard in the bedroom, above a sofa in the living room, or underneath bookshelves in a study.

Brightening a bathroom

If your bathroom lighting isn't up to scratch, install some LED lights around your bathroom cabinet to help you see yourself in the mirror. Since it's so versatile, you might even find it makes such a good alternative to ordinary bathroom lights that they stay permanently switched off.