Pet Problems With Your New Home's Carpets? 3 Ways A Professional Carpet Clean Can Help

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Moving into a new home is an exciting and happy event. Unfortunately, if the previous occupants had indoor pets, the terrible condition of your new home's carpets may put a dampener on the whole experience. Before you rip out all of the carpets and replace them with brand new ones, it's worth considering getting profession carpet cleaning first. Here are three of the most common carpet problems caused by pets that can generally be remedied with a good-quality professional clean.

1. Unsightly stains

Urine, faeces and general dirt and grime from pets can leave carpets looking stained and very unappealing. Professional carpet cleaners use highly effective stain removal products that can lift even the most stubborn stains. 

Professional stain removal as part of a general carpet clean is a much better option than using DIY stain removal products. You'll get a better result and an all-over clean that won't leave visible patches where you've attempted to remove stains while the rest of the carpet remains dirty.

2. Horrible odours

Again, urine and faeces from pets can leave distinct, inescapable and truly offensive odours on carpets. Even if the pets were house trained, the ripe smell of animals can still permeate deep into the carpet fibres and result in an unpleasant 'doggy' aroma in carpeted rooms.

A professional carpet clean will clean the entire carpet, right through to the backing materials, and remove the odour causing particles. A deodorising agent used in the cleaning process will also help to have your carpets smelling fresh, clean and pet smell free again.

3. Bacterial growth

Any carpet has the potential to become a ripe breeding ground for bacterial growth. Carpets that have been exposed to pets are even more likely to be harbouring these potentially dangerous nasties. Bacteria from animal urine, faeces and food can be deposited on the carpets directly from the animal or transported from outdoor areas on dirty paws.

A professional carpet clean that incorporates an antibacterial agent will effectively kill any buildup of germs in your carpet. This will you leave you with a clean and hygienic place to sit, play and relax in your new home.

Replacing carpets is a costly and time-consuming task that is most likely avoidable with a professional clean from a qualified and experienced carpet cleaning contractor. Contact your local carpet cleaning specialist to organise an evaluation of your carpets and find out whether your carpets can be saved.