How to Upgrade and Improve Your Home's Garage, Both Inside and Out

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Your home's garage can directly affect your property's curb appeal, as a garage is often very visible from the street and from the homes of your neighbours. A rundown garage can make your entire property seem outdated and in need of repair, whereas an updated garage can actually enhance your property's appearance, while providing lots of needed storage. Note a few ways you might upgrade and improve your home's garage.

Add windows

Windows can enhance the appearance of a garage inside and out; they let more natural light into the garage's interior, making the garage more comfortable when you're working in that space. On the outside, you can add flowerboxes or a nice trim colour to the window frames, making the garage seem homey and inviting, and a perfect match for your house itself.

Add a pedestrian door

If your garage doesn't have a door for pedestrian traffic, you might consider having one installed. This can allow you easy access to the garage without having to open the overhead door and put added wear and tear on its chains and springs. A pedestrian door can also include a large window so you'll get even more light into the interior space. Curtains over this window can also soften the look of the garage, inside and out!

Install a roller door

A roller door with a housing unit over the doorframe eliminates the need for a track along the garage ceiling. This opens up that space so that you can use the ceiling for suspended storage racks or hooks. You can also keep the ceiling open, for a cleaner and more open look to the garage itself.

Upgrade the flooring

A plain concrete garage floor does little to enhance its appearance, and may not offer much traction when your vehicle's tyres are wet and slick. Upgrade the flooring with exterior rubber floor tiles which have a simple snap-and-lock system, allowing you to install them yourself. Textured rubber will offer more traction for your vehicle and may also resist stains from motor oil and other such fluids.

You can also paint a concrete floor for a nice upgrade. Use a textured paint that has flecks of rubber or another aggregate added for more traction. Multi-coloured flecks or an aggregate with a bit of a shine can mean a sparkly garage floor that looks good and that is ready to greet you every time you pull into the garage!