How to Choose an Awning for Your Outdoor Space

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Awnings have become popular in recent years for their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Apart from decking up your home, these shades provide you with an expanded livable area that allows you to be adequately protected from the UV rays of the scorching sun. Indeed, awnings have become an essential part of shade provision for business people, especially restaurant owners who use them to expand their dining spaces and give their customers an enjoyment of the outside regardless of the weather. So if you are considering installing awnings at your home or business, how would you go about selecting the right ones? In this article, we look at some of the ways to do this.

Consider the angle of the awnings

Knowing the right angle is very important as it enables you to install it in relation to the sun. Openings that are north-facing will receive a higher angle of the sun, especially in hot summers. Have horizontally fixed shading above the north-facing glazing so that you can optimally get the right shade. There are several options you can choose from all purposed to make you have a good shade.

Fabric selection

This is also key, and you will in this regard have to go for a durable fabric. The material determines the durability of the awnings as they are outdoor installations making them susceptible to changing weather conditions. In this regard, selecting fabrics that are coated with Teflon or an anti-mildew treatment will assure you of protection from any elements that might cause them to shrink over time. Further, the metal struts should be protected from rust.

Freestanding, stationery or retractable

The type of the awning is a consideration you cannot ignore. A retractable or roll up awning will give you control over how much natural lighting you need in any season. With the advanced models of this type, you can have ones that have automatic wind and sun sensors that do not need you to keep adjusting them. If you want to segment a space for your outdoor purposes, then you might go for stationery or freestanding ones. 

Awnings come in many different styles; from dome-shaped ones to those with semicircular entrances. You will also find them in different colours.  As a general rule, go for what compliments the overall colour scheme of your home. Most recommended are light colours that will reflect and block sunlight keeping the heat away..