Why Does Your Home Deserve a Shade Sail Instead of an Awning?

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If your home has some outside space you'd like to enjoy without sitting in direct sunlight, you might have thought about adding an awning. These are attached to an outside wall, extending outwards to provide shade when you need it. However, you might want to think about having a shade sail installed instead. A shade sail is a piece of fabric held in the air to provide shade between several poles.

Shade sales are becoming increasingly popular, and here are just a few reasons why you should choose one for your home instead of an awning.

Low Cost

Firstly, shade sails are extremely cost-effective. It doesn't take very long to fit three or so thin poles into the ground around your outside space, so labour costs are minimal. The structure itself is made only of the sail material and anchoring posts. With a movable awning, you need to pay for all the complex moving parts and the motor to move them, so prices add up fast. If you want to save a significant sum when you're seeking shade, shade sails are the way to go.

Not Connected to Your Property

An awning needs to be attached to one of your outside walls. The problem there is that you're risking damage to your property. This shouldn't be an issue if you use a reputable contractor, but over time the strain can affect the structural integrity of your home. Additionally, removing the awning will be expensive, and it will be hard to conceal the fact that something was once there. Shade sails are entirely separate from your property.


Awnings can be extended or retracted at the touch of a button, but shade sails are still more versatile. It's fairly easy to take the sail up or down, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Sails are reasonably inexpensive and available in a range of fabrics and styles. For example, you can have one waterproof sail for when the weather is bad, one with high UV resistance and one that lets through more heat while still keeping the sun from your eyes.


Finally, keep in mind that awnings can only extend so far from your property. That's why they're most commonly used for small seating areas. In contrast, shade sails can cover areas large or small. If you want space to put a larger table and chairs, an awning might not cut the mustard, but a shade sail will.