Beware of These Often Ineffective Home Security Measures

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When it comes to home security, there are many things you can do to make it difficult for potential thieves to break into a home. Solid security doors, for example, are very effective for keeping out unwanted guests, and for keeping your home and family safe.

However, not all home security measures will be as effective as strong entryway doors, and some so-called security features might not be effective at all! Note a few of those features here, so you know what to avoid for your home, and don't waste money that could otherwise be spent on solid security doors.


Some breeds of dogs can be effective in keeping out intruders; for example, dogs that bark loudly at movement outside the home might make an intruder nervous, and all that barking may alert neighbours to someone on your property. However, some dogs might not be so easily startled, and may even be overly friendly to visitors to the home, especially if bribed with food! Don't assume that getting a dog, even a larger and more aggressive breed, automatically means that your home will be secure, or that the dog will be especially helpful in keeping out intruders.


You can easily buy or even make stickers advertising a home alarm system, and put these stickers in your home's windows, even if you don't actually have an alarm in the home! While this might deter some intruders from entering the home, many would-be thieves know that these stickers are often fake, or they may not even see a small sticker in the corner of one window. Don't rely on this type of phony warning to keep out thieves or intruders, as these stickers may be easily overlooked or outright ignored.


Floodlights that are attached to motion detectors might scare away an intruder in some cases; however, these lights can be ineffective if you fail to place them where they're needed, such as along dark areas behind a home, over windows, and over the home's front entryway. These are places where a would-be intruder might hide, peer inside the home to see if there is anything worth stealing and note any obstacles in their way, and then also gain access to the home. Rather than relying on lights to scare someone away, especially if those lights are not placed around every potential hiding place on your property, it can be better to invest in security doors to keep out intruders.