Summer Lounging in Style: 4 Patio Covers for the Perfect Shading Solution

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Your patio provides a great indoor-outdoor lifestyle, and for much of the year, it makes a terrific living area. But when the conditions outside are less than appealing, especially with the sizzling summer heat, your outdoor space isn't that much fun. At times like these, the only way to enjoy your patio without worries is to have a shade structure that provides a certain amount of shading and comfort. This is where patio covers come in! Below are four patio covers and how they can shade your outdoor living area in style.

Gable patio covers

Few outdoor living space covers provide you with the flexibility of custom gable patio covers. A gabled cover can easily transform a patio into a highly functional and attractive outdoor living area. Because the cover is raised to a ridge, it creates the impression of more space. Custom gable patios that are totally integrated into a home's design help carry on the roof forms and can be the most useful in protecting your outdoor living space, no matter the weather.


Other than being helping bring visual interest to an otherwise basic patio, pergolas extend your living space beyond the walls of your house. When designed and oriented correctly on your patio, a custom pergola is preferable to a more traditional style. A pergola features latticed beams that filter out a proportion of sunlight, which is bound to lend some relief from the intense summer heat. For a good amount of shade and increased visual appeal to your outdoor living space, consider pairing your pergola with a climbing plant or flowering vines. You can also easily outfit your pergola with lighting for an undoubtedly beautiful night gathering space.

Patio umbrellas

Umbrellas are best to use as a temporary patio cover. They provide the most effective and versatile patio shade solution. A stylish and modern umbrella can add a splash of zest to your outdoor living space while providing much-needed shade. Also, you can easily move your umbrella to shade different parts of your patio as the sun moves across the sky.

Lattice patio covers

Lattice patio covers add character to your outdoor living space and make a nice addition for a more contemporary home. Unlike pergolas, lattice patio covers feature thinner and more simply shaped pieces and a more rectangular structure. You can choose from many styles, colors and designs for a more customized look to suit your outdoor living space.