Pros and Cons of Shade Sails for Your Home

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Shade sails are a great choice for just about any home, and having shade sails installed on your property can protect you from hot summertime sun and even a light rainfall. If you're in the market for some type of shade feature for your yard, but aren't sure if shade sails are the right choice, note a few pros and cons of these pieces, and this will help you make the best decision for your outdoor space. 

Environmentally friendly

Most shade sails can be made with recycled fabric and fibres. Less energy is also typically required to manufacture shade sails than wood structures, awnings and the like. This makes shade sails a very environmentally friendly choice.

Easy setup

If you're very handy with power tools and have some assistance, you might be able to fabricate and install your own gazebo or other wood enclosure. However, a gazebo, pergola and other such structures can be very cumbersome to install for homeowners who aren't handy with construction! Installing any type of retractable awning over your outside deck or patio on your own is also a challenge for most homeowners.

Shade sails are usually easy to install on your own and might require nothing more a masonry drill bit for bolting a hook to your home and an exterior garage wall. If you need to install a post on your property for a second shade sail connector, this is also typically an easy job for a homeowner to manage themselves.


Shade sails offer maximum flexibility in how they're stretched over an area. You can tilt sails away from your deck or patio and direct rainwater to a nearby flowerbed or garden. You can also tilt the sails down slightly so you're protected from high winds while still enjoying sunshine on your deck. Layering shade sails also gives you maximum protection from sun and wind in some areas, while leaving other outdoor areas open as desired.

Sagging and drooping

Over time, shade sails might begin to sag and droop slightly, as the materials get damaged or weighed down by rain, snow, and other weather elements. You may need to have the sails stretched and even cut as needed, and then remounted. How often this needs to be done will depend on the quality of materials you choose for your sails as well as your area's average weather conditions, but it is a consideration to remember when deciding on shade sails for your property.