Are Window And Door Awnings Merely Decorative Additions To Your House?

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While awnings were considered a mainstay for eateries and hotels that ooze a cottage chic type of aesthetic, these shades have steadily evolved. So, if you have been envisioning the traditional style of awnings that were a staple in decades past, you will be pleasantly surprised. The new-age shades come in a vast variety of colours, patterns and even materials to ensure each customer will find an awning that will not only match but also potentially revamp the entire appearance of the exterior of their house.

Nonetheless, if you have never had awnings installed on your property before, it is easy to underrate these shades as a simple way to add visual interest to an otherwise bland exterior but this is not entirely true. Check out the following reasons why putting down money for both window and door awnings will provide you with advantages other than being decorative. 

Awnings forestall weather damage 

Every homeowner has to deal with weather damage to his or her residence in one form or another. However, living in Australia means having to be even more vigilant about how the elements are affecting the integrity of your structure, more so the doors and the windows, since they can be quite extreme. For instance, when summer rolls around, exposure to the sweltering heat can cause timber window and doorframes to acquire UV damage, which leaves them brittle and prone to warping and cracking.

On the other hand, during the winter, the framing becomes vulnerable to moisture damage and this can cause premature rot in timber frames. Alternatively, if you have steel framing, the rain and snow will steadily corrode the frames. All these forms of damage will also affect the glass, which can be devastating if you have invested in double glazed windows. With awning installation, you are proactively protecting these features from unwarranted weather damage. 

Awnings provide shelter

Speaking of shelter, have you ever got home when it is raining heavily and have had to fumble for your keys at the door while holding on to your groceries in both hands? If this sounds familiar, you likely do not have a garage or a carport situated directly at your front door. Expansive awnings installed over your primary entrance or large bay windows will create a small yet functional refuge from the rain.

Hence, whether you have guests waiting by the door or find yourself having trouble getting inside your home, you can remain dry under the awnings. You should also note that awning installation would be a perfect solution to thermal gain when you want to create to pace a chaise lounge or create a reading nook against a window inside your home. The awnings will reduce thermal gain and this helps with making this area more comfortable to spend time in.

For more information on awnings, reach out to a local home and garden store.