Three Important Guidelines for Designing Your New Carport

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If you are planning on building a new carport for your vehicles, consider your design choices. Often, homeowners focus on basic function and forget that a carport is a large and prominent structure. If the design choices are poor, the carport will compromise the appeal and value of the home. Moreover, a poorly designed structure might not meet the right standards for approval. If you are not familiar with carport construction, use the outlined tips for the best results.

Consider Residential Style

When designing a new carport, evaluate the style of your home. If the new structure does not match your residential design, the property will look chaotic. This disconnect could result in decreased appeal and value. If your home is traditional, look for a classic carport kit. You can build a new structure on site from scratch or inquire about vintage or old-style carport kits from a specialist supplier.

Materials like wood are perfect for a traditional carport. If solid wood is too costly for your budget, inquire about lightweight carports with the appearance of lumber. If you have a contemporary home, opt for a modern carport kit made using materials like steel or aluminium. In addition to the style, try to match the carport colour and decoration elements to the house.

Think About Ideal Sizing

The size of a carport is an important factor in design. In general, the primary consideration for homeowners when building this structure is the number of vehicles that you will store in the space. This practical issue is crucial, but you must also think about the appearance and convenience of the carport. If the size of the carport is not suitable for the available space on your property, the effect could be disastrous. For example, a large carport in a limited area will cause problems while parking or leaving, increasing the risk of collisions. Also, the visual effect will be poor. Therefore, understand your options if you need multiple car storage. For instance, you can build two separate carports instead of a single one to improve space efficiency.

Check Local Regulations

Finally, inquire about the local regulations relating to carport construction. Carports are not major structures, but they will affect home safety. Therefore, some regulations are imposed to promote building safety. When designing the carport, follow the proposed guidelines provided by the local council to avoid approval challenges or penalties. Moreover, check on the specific permits required before beginning carport construction or kit installation. 

Contact a local carport kit supplier to get more tips.