Which Frame Choices Are There For a Replacement Window?

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A single window replacement should be in keeping with the rest of the property. If you have white frames around your home, for example, then a single window with a brown or black frame would obviously look very out of place. That said, there are a couple of exceptions to the rule. For example, if the window being replaced is the only one on that elevation of the property, using some other material or colour choice wouldn't be so bad. This is certainly the case if the side of the house concerned has a different surface, for instance, if it is clad with render rather than weatherboarding.

The other time you can choose a different window replacement is when you will eventually swap out all of your remaining windows to match the one being installed. If your windows are old and you need to change just one at the moment because it has been damaged, then this is a good idea. Other than colour, the main choice you need to make for a replacement window is the framework's material. There are three options for most homeowners to choose between.

Wooden Window Frames

A replacement window made of wood will always look classy even if it is beside windows made of other materials. This is because it is the traditional material for window frames that has been used for centuries. Consider wood if you have an older property. However, one drawback with timber frames is that they need to be maintained. This will mean painting them to keep out rainwater as well as prevent damage from certain species of termite which can burrow their way into untreated timbers.

PVC Window Frames

This is a good, low-cost option. PVC, or uPVC as it is sometimes called, is a type of plastic that will not fade even if it is exposed to sunlight all day long in a northern elevation. What's more, it is virtually maintenance-free. All you need to do is to wipe it over with a wet cloth once in a while. The only major drawback of PVC is that it doesn't look or feel as sophisticated as other options. If that doesn't bother you, then install it.

Aluminium Window Frames

Any window replacement that features an aluminium frame will look stylish. Because it is a strong metal, the window's frames can be made with larger expanses of glass with less framework to get in the way. In this regard, it is ideal for picture windows. Aluminium won't rust but if you don't like its silvery appearance, bear in mind that you can powder coat it to look like your other window frames.

Reach out to a professional to discuss your window replacement needs.