Excellent Reasons to Choose Butcher Block Benchtops for Your Kitchen

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When thinking about benchtops to install in the kitchen, many people think about installing laminate or natural stone. After all, when visiting your friends' homes or looking at magazines or design blogs, you might have noticed that these are two of the most popular benchtop types out there. They aren't the only type of benchtops that you can pick from when renovating your kitchen, though, and some of the other options might even be superior. As an example, butcher block benchtops can be a wonderful option for these excellent reasons.

You Can Enjoy a Natural Look

First of all, if you want to enjoy a nice, natural look in your kitchen -- such as if you are decorating your kitchen in a rustic style -- then you might be having trouble finding countertops that give off the look that you're going for. Luckily, butcher block benchtops can help you enjoy a natural, attractive, and rustic look.

You Won't Have to Use a Cutting Board

One exciting benefit of butcher block benchtops is the fact that you don't have to use a cutting board. Instead, you can cut meat, vegetables, and other ingredients directly on your countertop. This should make things very convenient, and you won't have to worry about accidentally damaging your benchtop if your knife slides off of a cutting board. After all, this is a legitimate concern with many types of benchtops.

You Don't Have to Worry About Damaging Your Knives

You might be worried about using your benchtop as a cutting surface in your kitchen. Even though you might believe that the benchtop itself will not be damaged in the process, you might be worried that your knives will get damaged. If you have spent quite a bit of money on your knife collection -- or if you have spent a lot of time sharpening your knives and have always taken good care of them -- it's understandable that you might be worried about this. Although some countertop surfaces could cause damage to your knives, you should not have to worry about this with butcher block benchtops.

It's an Affordable Option

When looking into certain types of kitchen benchtops -- such as those made from natural stone -- you might have been surprised by just how costly benchtops can be. Butcher block benchtops are typically cheaper than natural stone benchtops, though, making them a great choice for someone who is renovating their kitchen on a tight budget but who might not like affordable laminate benchtops.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for kitchen benchtop suppliers near you.